There are amazing new developments taking place in patch technology. Read below for an overview.

Advanced Technology Patch / Holographic Disc

There is an advanced technology patch called a "holographic disc" that uses true scalar waves that carry information and an energetic signature.


Sound waves are captured in a holographic environment in such a way as to bring you:

  • more energy
  • to remove pain
  • to aid in weight loss
  • and/or to help you to sleep
  • and to protect you from the environment.


Lasers are used to imprint geometric patterns onto 8ight's holographic disc. The patterns are selected to achieve balance, harmony and to influence the body for better health as they communicate through the body's acupuncture meridians.

8ight is the creator of holograms that communicate with the human body. Basic design elements in the holographic discs are a mathematical vortex which incorporates, color, geometry, sound and symbols. Note the 8's as part of the patterns lasered into the holograms in the image at the top of this page.

These holographic patches are placed on one acupuncture point of your body, such as under your left foot or your right wrist. The holographic material works as a thermal sink with the body creating an energetic effect from the temperature outside the hologram to the temperature under the hologram. The body, they have found by using the patch on thousands of people, will not act on any signal the hologram sends that the body does not need. The body will actually pull as needed from the holograms.

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Electro-Pollution is being called, "The greatest health risk of the 21st Century."

Growing evidence suggests that wireless communications pose a very real threat to our health and well being. Our love affair with our gadgets certainly makes life easier but at what cost?

There is increasing concern over what effect cell phones have on all of us. Dr. George Carlo, a mobile phone industry whistleblower, claims new data indicates that cell phone use is damaging to humans. Research shows that cell phones damage neurons in rat brains — the same could hold true for humans.

EMF Waves Can
Make You Sick

People can suffer nausea, headaches and muscle pain when exposed to EMF waves from mobile phones and computer screens.

Cellular Phones
and Brain Tumors

Increased risk is being associated with long-term cell phone use.